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Veer Maritime Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India joins Mega Move Alliance (MMA)

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We are happy to introduce our latest Mega Move Alliance (MMA) member office in Mumbai, India


Veer Maritime Pvt. Ltd.

B/911 Sagar Tech Plaza, Saki Naka, Andheri (E),

Mumbai 400072, India

Website: https://megamovealliance.com/company/veer-maritime/

Contact: Kalpesh Jagani – Managing Director

Veer Maritime Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Shipping & Logistics solutions based in

Mumbai, India. With years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as

Professionals in the field of Project Cargo and specialized in Breakbulk & Heavy Lift Cargo. Their

journey began with a vision to redefine excellence in the logistics sector, making them the preferred

choice for clients seeking complete logistics solutions.


Their Logo – a minimalist logo featuring a ship’s wheel combined with a compass, representing

the unwavering direction and guidance provided by Veer Maritime. The ship’s wheel signifies

leadership, control, and navigation, while the compass represents precision, exploration, and

global reach.


At Veer Maritime, their purpose is to deliver exceptional shipping and logistics services tailored

to meet the unique needs of their customers. They strive to exceed expectations and provide

efficient, cost-effective solutions that go beyond basic transportation requirements. By

employing innovative approaches and leveraging their industry expertise, they aim to simplify the

complex process of project cargo transportation, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and cost-

effectiveness throughout. Their goals revolve around building long-lasting partnerships, fostering

innovation, and consistently delivering value to their clients.


The team at Veer Maritime is the driving force behind their success. Comprising a diverse group

of experienced professionals, they bring together expertise from various aspects of the shipping

and logistics industry. Their team members are highly skilled and possess in-depth knowledge of

project cargo handling, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish. Collaboratively

working as a cohesive unit, they are dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving the

best results for their clients.


VEER is Owned and Managed by Mr. Kalpesh Jagani, a shipping entrepreneur with over 25

years’ experience in the Container and Project / Break Bulk Industry segment. Mr. Jagani, till

recently, served as the President of Sarjak Container Lines, which specialised in the carriage of

Over-Dimensioned Cargoes on its own fleet of flat rack and open top containers. He has vast

experience and expertise in shipping over dimensioned and project cargoes to all parts of the

Globe, having gained hands-on expertise over the years.


Also, Capt. Rumi Engineer a Sr. President & part of the advisory board of management at Sarjak,

has had a long and busy career in the shipping industry. He joined sea in 1972 as a cadet and

acquired his Master’s License from Melbourne, Australia in 1981. He served as Master and later

came ashore in 1987 to work in a shipping agency in UAE, as Branch Manager.


Upon joining Sarjak in 2006, he helped build the Company’s Global footprint by appointment of

an exceptional Agency network, in excess of 96 Agents. He also streamlined all documentation

matters, including creating and adding clauses in shipment quotations, Arrival Notices and

various Bills of Lading. He was solely responsible for the approval of Sea Waybill issuance. He

was also responsible from the Management for all Legal and Claims related matters and all

Insurance Policies, across the various group companies. He also acted as a mentor and guide for

all Operational matters. He is very familiar with Chartering of Vessels, having hands-on experience in Fixture Notes.


Veer Maritime specializes in the project cargo segment, catering to the unique needs of their

clients. With access to a wide range of specialized equipment and a vast network of partners, they

are equipped to handle oversized, heavy, and high-value shipments with precision and skill.

Additionally, their capabilities extend to breakbulk vessels, enabling them to optimize solutions to

their customers’ requirements. Their complete logistics solutions are complemented by a

professional global agency network, allowing them to provide tailored, end-to-end services to their


Veer Maritime’s Global Footprint encompasses:

  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Middle East & Red Sea Region
  • Africa (East, West & South Africa)
  • Mediterranean & Black Sea Region
  • Russia & CIS region
  • European Region
  • China & Far East Region
  • Southeast Asia Region
  • North America Region

Since this is a start-up, Veer Maritime’s achievements will be visible after a few months. BUT,

the Company’s pedigree is stellar and they are confident of achieving some very serious

milestones in the near future.


Experience the Veer Maritime advantage for your shipping and logistics needs. Contact their team

today to discuss your requirements and discover how they can provide a tailor-made solution that

meets your unique needs. Trust us to deliver excellence and redefine your logistics experience.


We welcome Veer Maritime Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India to the MMA team!

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