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About MMA

Mega Move Alliance is a division of AIN Group Ltd., which, since 2003, has been operating the logistics industry’s best-known global networks.

Revolutionizing Project Logistics Networking

Mega Move Alliance stands apart in the realm of logistics networking. Renowned project logistics companies worldwide are flocking to join our network, capitalizing on mutually beneficial business opportunities.


At the helm of Mega Move Alliance is a versatile, global team of professionals headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of international projects agency businesses for project logistics companies.


With an innate understanding of the requirements of project forwarders and charterers, our management team brings extensive experience and expertise to the table. Having operated in both the project logistics sector and network management, they offer comprehensive insights and capabilities.

Mega Move Alliance offers unparalleled depth and breadth in global project logistics. Our all-in-one destination caters to all your diverse clients’ logistics requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions.

Why Choose MMA

Project cargo agents all over the world

Secure Handling by Experienced Professionals

Exclusive MMA Events Across Global Venues for Business Development and Cost Reduction

MMA: Your Complete Project Agency Networking Solution

For non-exclusive, independent project logistics networking that seamlessly manages diverse specialized cargo, MMA is your ultimate destination. Stay within one group while professionally handling all your logistics needs.

Our Amazing Team Members

Daniel Bateman


Daniel Brunskill
Network Manager
Pawika Naiswasdi (Fon)

Membership Coordinator

In the dynamic landscape of today’s logistics industry, navigating challenges demands trustworthy and knowledgeable allies capable of swift adaptation.

Mega Move Alliance stands at the forefront, uniting logistics specialists to provide your clients with unmatched expertise, dependability, and flexibility.


Trusted Partnerships

Meet us at any of these events to explore Mega Move Alliance and apply for Membership. A representative will be available to discuss further details with you.