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Member Application

Accelerate Your Application Process with Ease

To expedite your application, we kindly ask for four references crucial to your submission. These references should originate from overseas agents who have collaborated with your office. Please ensure each reference includes comprehensive contact details—company name, individual’s name, direct phone/mobile number, and direct email address—and must represent the following:

For companies applying for more than one specialty, we may contact you for more references. Please make sure to discuss the costs of membership with us before submitting an application. The cost of membership depends on the location and number of your offices. There will be additional costs for each specialty you register for. All members are required to enrol in the Keystone Financial Protection Program.

Member Application Procedure

Accelerate Your Mega Move Alliance Membership Application

To expedite your enrollment process, we’ve streamlined the application procedure.

As a prospective member, please furnish four references critical to substantiating your application’s credibility. These endorsements should originate from international partners who have collaborated with your company in project logistics endeavors. For comprehensive references, kindly include full contact details such as the company name, contact person’s name, direct phone/mobile number, and direct email address. Your references should meet the following criteria:

  • Hold senior management positions within their organizations.
  • Operate in markets external to your domestic region.
  • Possess a minimum of two years of collaborative experience with your entity.
  • Represent independent agencies, with no significant shared ownership or affiliations within your corporate group.

Before submitting your application, we recommend initiating a conversation regarding Mega Move Alliance membership fees, which are contingent upon the number of offices your company operates. An obligatory component of membership is enrollment in the Keystone Financial Protection Program, ensuring a secure financial environment for all Mega Move Alliance members.

Enhance your project forwarding capabilities by becoming part of a network comprised of top-tier project logistics specialists through Mega Move Alliance.