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Daniel Brunskill

Daniel Brunskill is an accomplished professional with a proven track record in the global logistics industry. As the Network Development Manager at Mega Move Alliance (MMA), Daniel plays a pivotal role in fostering strategic partnerships and driving business growth for freight forwarders and logistics providers around the world.

In his current role at MMA, Daniel is responsible for spearheading the expansion of the network’s global reach.

Daniel’s key responsibilities include developing and nurturing partnerships with logistics and freight forwarding companies worldwide. He is a driving force in promoting the manifold benefits of MMA’s network, which members gain access through MMA partners to an array of comprehensive project cargo services. His adept negotiation skills and strategic thinking have enabled him to leverage the network’s collective buying power, securing advantageous pricing and service terms for MMA members and thereby enhancing their competitive edge.

Daniel’s role extends beyond partnership development. He takes an active role in crafting MMA’s value proposition and implementing strategic plans to achieve growth objectives. His analytical prowess and market insights guide the network’s expansion initiatives. Furthermore, Daniel leads marketing and communication efforts, skillfully promoting the brand and network through various channels, including social media platforms and industry events.

Daniel’s dedication to fostering success extends beyond his professional responsibilities. His unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and support underscores his mission to empower members to compete effectively in the dynamic global marketplace.

With a passion for fostering connections and facilitating mutually beneficial relationships, Daniel continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of the global logistics industry.

Daniel graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Business Economics, achieving an impressive grade of 2:1. This academic background has equipped him with a strong analytical foundation, contributing to his ability to make informed decisions and drive successful outcomes.