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Patcharawalai Nabhaboriraks

Patcharawalai Nabhaboriraks is a talented and versatile Marketing and Social Media Manager with a diverse background in the entertainment and logistics industries. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Patcharawalai brings a wealth of experience in project management, coordination, and customer service, along with a natural leadership ability that enables her to steer teams and individuals towards achieving objectives and finding effective solutions.

Patcharawalai Nabhaboriraks first worked for us right out of university and later did a stint in the animation industry. Currently serving as the Marketing and Social Media Manager at AIN Group Pte Ltd (AIN), Patcharawalai plays a crucial role in driving the group’s digital presence and global outreach. AIN Group, established in 2003, is a fast-growing conglomerate of business-to-business networks, with a primary focus on international independent freight forwarding, shipping, and logistics companies. With a keen eye for social media marketing, Patcharawalai excels in crafting engaging content that promotes AIN Group’s members and extends the brand’s reach and presence.

Before joining AIN Group the second time, Patcharawalai gained valuable experience in the entertainment industry, working as a Production Coordinator for The Monk Studios, where she showcased exceptional skills in animation production, project coordination, and team management. Her contributions to various animated feature films and intellectual property projects demonstrate her ability to thrive in dynamic and creative environments.

Furthermore, Patcharawalai’s experience with Escaplan Limited as a Game Assistant highlights her problem-solving skills and multitasking abilities in the fast-paced world of gaming. During her time at T&B Media Global as a Producer, she exhibited exemplary leadership, overseeing pre-production, production, and post-production aspects of multiple projects. Her strong collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, including the COO, CPO, and creative and design teams, underscores her aptitude for building successful partnerships.

Throughout her career, Patcharawalai has been actively involved in event coordination and membership management for AIN Group, playing a significant role in organizing Annual General Meetings and other member events. Her excellent customer service and organizational skills have contributed to a positive experience for AIN Group’s members and attendees.

Patcharawalai’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Kasetsart University. This educational foundation, coupled with her innate creativity and resourcefulness, has been instrumental in her ability to adapt to various industries and excel in her roles.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Patcharawalai has a passion for portraying costumed character roles, having interned as a Character Performer at Walt Disney World. Her dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and creating memorable experiences aligns with her professional aspirations in the marketing and entertainment fields.

As Patcharawalai Nabhaboriraks continues to make valuable contributions to AIN Group’s marketing efforts and social media strategy, her creativity and leadership remain driving forces in the organization’s growth and success. With her unique blend of talents and experience, she is a key asset in promoting AIN Group’s global leadership in the logistics industry.