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Daniel Bateman

Daniel Bateman is a highly accomplished Director at AIN Group Pte Ltd, where he has been making significant contributions to the logistics industry for over nearly 12 years. AIN Group is a global leader in international freight forwarding business-to-business networking, offering a diverse range of networking services and products that facilitate connections and collaborations between independent logistics companies worldwide.

As Director of Advanced International Networks Ltd (AIN), Daniel plays a pivotal role in the organization’s success. AIN is renowned for its excellence in public relations, events and conferences, and international business-to-business logistics networking. Under Daniel’s leadership, AIN has strengthened its position as a unique and valuable resource for companies seeking global promotion and business opportunities.

Drawing on his expertise in logistics agency business development, maritime security, and business continuity, Daniel has been instrumental in shaping the growth and direction of AIN Group. With a focus on constantly innovating and enhancing client value, he has led the team in developing new products and services to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Prior to joining AIN Group, Daniel held key leadership positions in various organizations. As the Managing Director of Cresco World Trading Ltd, he demonstrated his exceptional acumen in overseeing business operations in the Bangkok metropolitan area. Additionally, Daniel served as the Maritime Security Director at Business Risk & Management, where he successfully provided armed security teams to vessels navigating the piracy-prone waters off the coast of Somalia.

Throughout his career, Daniel’s dedication to excellence and passion for the logistics sector have been evident. As the Director of BRM, a security company based in Thailand, he contributed to safeguarding the interests of clients in the region. Moreover, in his tenure as Managing Director at Araya Pet Products Ltd, Daniel engaged in high-end pet clothing distribution throughout Europe, showcasing his versatility in diverse market segments.

Daniel’s educational background includes attending King George V College in Southport, UK, and Merchant Taylors’ Schools in Crosby, UK, where he honed the skills and knowledge that have contributed to his professional success.

With a profound understanding of the logistics networking industry and a relentless commitment to enhancing business connections, Daniel Bateman continues to be a driving force at AIN Group Pte Ltd. His leadership and contributions have earned him a stellar reputation within the industry, making him a respected figure in the global business community.