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Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International announces the launch of Mega Move Alliance

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AIN Group, whose global networks include XLProjects (XLP), has launched Mega Move Alliance (MMA) for project forwarders and breakbulk charterers.



Operating under the AIN Group, MMA is a network specialised in heavy lift handling and transportation. It said: “Every member of Mega Move Alliance possesses exceptional expertise in heavy lift handling and transportation, spanning ocean, air, and overland routes. Our professionals excel in breakbulk chartering, specialised handling, stevedoring, and boat and yacht transfer services.”


It will be led by network coordinator Daniel Brunskill, who was previously in charge of sales for the All-in-One Logistics Network (AiO), a forwarder network including a number of entities engaged in the project business.


MMA will cater to members that serve a wide array of industries including oil and gas, heavy industry, military and energy sectors, accepting companies with a proven project cargo expertise and focusing a different pool of project specialists to that of XLP. The network said that it will aim for no overlap with XLP for the first three years.


Gary Dale Cearley, executive director of MMA and XLP, said: “There has been a marked interest from project forwarders in our own networks who want more of a projects presence as well as forwarders from outside our networks.


“MMA is a non-exclusive group which will go deeper into markets, as no two project forwarders have exactly the same speciality. For instance, some focus on heavy equipment, others on certain industries, like oil and gas or mining. Each is covering its own market so this will be a bigger, deeper benefit for the agent on the other side of the world.”


New members are required to allocate at least 50 percent of their new project business to fellow MMA members within their inaugural year, while benefitting from the network’s Keystone financial protection programme, ensuring reimbursement for lost funds resulting from non-payment of invoices in transactions between member entities. “With this assurance, your legitimate expenses are safeguarded, providing financial stability in your interactions with fellow members,” said MMA.


Cearley added that the group has started with some well-known members and further announcements will be forthcoming. It will hold its first annual general meeting next year at the Landmark Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, from April 27-30.

Source: https://www.heavyliftpfi.com/sectors/mega-move-alliance-launched/31383.article

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