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Introducing Mega Move Alliance Network (MMA) – Your Ultimate Global Projects Shipping Solution

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Discover Mega Move Alliance Network (MMA), the premier platform for project forwarders and break-bulk charterers in the dynamic world of project logistics. If your company is a qualified, independent specialist in local and international project logistics, consider joining Mega Move Alliance today.

Specialized in Heavy Lift Handling and Transportation

Every member of Mega Move Alliance possesses exceptional expertise in heavy lift handling and transportation, spanning ocean, air, and overland routes. Our professionals excel in break bulk chartering, specialized handling, stevedoring, and boat and yacht transfer services.

Versatile Industry Expertise

Mega Move Alliance members serve a wide array of industries including oil and gas, heavy industry, military, and energy sectors. Whether it’s challenging, hazardous, massive, or weighty, Mega Move Alliance members are equipped to handle it all.

Worldwide Reach

With members situated on every continent, Mega Move Alliance boasts a global presence spanning virtually every major and minor port. Renowned and esteemed in their respective home markets, our members have played pivotal roles in numerous high-profile project lifts and movements across the globe.

Exclusive Membership and Collaborative Business Ventures

Mega Move Alliance accepts only top-tier companies with proven project cargo expertise. Membership guarantees lucrative business collaborations, with new members required to allocate at least 50% of their new project business to fellow Mega Move Alliance members within their inaugural year.

Networking and Event Engagement

Mega Move Alliance organizes Annual General Meeting (AGM) events for its members and actively participates in project cargo conferences and exhibitions globally. Join us to connect with industry leaders worldwide and expand your project sales opportunities.

Leadership and Partnerships

Mega Move Alliance operates under AIN Group Pte Ltd., a prominent player in the logistics industry, renowned for its global networks since 2003. Led by a diverse management team fluent in multiple languages and hailing from various countries, Mega Move Alliance comprehensively understands the requirements of project forwarders and charterers.

Financial Security with Keystone Financial Protection Program

Every Mega Move Alliance member benefits from the Keystone Financial Protection Program, ensuring reimbursement for lost funds resulting from non-payment of invoices in transactions between member entities. With this assurance, your legitimate expenses are safeguarded, providing financial stability in your interactions with fellow members. Join Mega Move Alliance and embark on a path toward global logistics excellence!


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